phos !!(#゚Д゚)ノ


my full name is indeed phosphophyllite but i dont expect anyone to use the full, i go by phos im a teenager n schitzophrenic in a funny way.. chaotic neutral IS enfp\entj crazy & an Introject. +gay and a little bit stupid in the head. it/he. it/itself pref

I like slenderverse and internet horror in general, ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* i love shitty horror movies and will spill my organs for saw tbh!!! found footage zero day specifically , dead by daylight, american horror story, saw, hannibal, metalpocolypse, american psycho, creepy pasta loel, valve games, Squigglevision shows, resident evil, cry of fear, probabaly some very specific bands depends on the yeari wont explain what i mean, very i barley even draw these tbh idk why you guys stick! i love meeting people with similar intrests as me and dont know how to stfu i am very extroverted and EVIL )

kins not in a kinnie way andre kriegman, monokuma, patrick andersen, ralph dbh, linnie wf, tyler ronan. doubles are so cool.

art by askskully on tumblr!

crazy section!! yayy♡I'm an introject of phosphophyllite, skully,amanda young, and micheal from whispred faith (dont ask me how that one formed i dont even know LOL, brainjs are funny arent they. fake claim me and ill eat you up. doubles are cool i think about it like this, why cant there be two of one person? why do we tell people who are ourselves to kill themselves? we are all the same stupid delusional teens. why dont we just make a army right *crowd cheers*.